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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh, What a Night!

To quote my friend Theresa, "Yesterday will go down in history as the Best Harlot Day to Not Actually Include the Harlot."

The anticipation and excitement was palpable all day. We met wonderful, talented knitters. Everyone was happy and knitting their little hearts out despite the fact that the weather was terrible and that the lights were out on Cicero.

We heard from Jayme that the Harlot was going to be late at which no one blinked an eye. The Grand Ballroom opened right on time; the room looked great and all were glad to wait. The Hilton bar was pretty busy with happy knitters and then...

At around 7:00, my cell phone rang and on the other end was a very upset Jayme who said that Stephanie was stuck in Toronto and wouldn't make it.

I walked back into the room and made the announcement that Stephanie would not be coming. I'm telling you that KNITTERS ROCK! There wasn't an angry face in the crowd. Everyone was immediately relieved that Stephanie was stuck at home and not in some distant airport. The news that there would be a Harlot Redo brought cheers and claps.

But, that's not the end of the story! Drinks were brought in, chairs were moved into circles and the group knit on. Undeterred by weather and disappointment, the Knitters knit on.

As many of you know, my sisters, Deb and Kay were here for the event. Deb went home yesterday morning to Western Massachusetts, home of the fabulous WEBS and the host of Sunday's Harlot event. Deb went and saw the Harlot! Traveled to Chicago to watch her sister host the Harlot only to go home and actually sees her! What a hoot. Life is full of wonderful surprises, isn't it?

For some wonderful pictures of the day, click here and here. If I do say so myself, Miss Cory did look marvelous, didn't she? I just wish she wasn't such a shrinking violet. You wouldn't believe the coaxing it took to get her up on the stage at the Hilton. Poor, poor shy thing. NOT!

As soon as I have more information on the Harlot's visit, I'll let everyone know. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your kind words to Cory and I; for being gracious, lovely people that handle disappointment with aplomb and joviality; and, for making the whole day the best party I've ever attended. The only things that really, really hurt were my brand new, very cool shoes.


Blogger Kris said...

It really was a perfect day. I can't wait to do it all over again.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

You were very cool under pressure, Trish.

Regardless of the fact that it didn't turn out as planned, it turned out fine.

Diane (of margarita fame - still hoping to buy you some kind of drink - perhaps after the next Yarn Harlot event?

10:18 PM  

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