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Friday, April 18, 2008

Robbers and Raccoons Beware!

The Prince is a vigilant man.

In my house, security is paramount. The Prince is deeply concerned about security breaches and sleeps with one eye open. Nothing gets more tsks or raised eyebrows than a potential security breach. He has a bad, bad habit of regularly waking me up for which I constantly scold him, but when there's the threat of a security breach, all bets are off.

At 4:39 this morning, there was such a security breach. I awoke from a very sound sleep to the Prince sprinting out of the bed, cursing. Our bed is in front of a window, but rather than look out this window from his side of the bed, he ran around to my side, kneeled over me with his knee in my face to look out the window.

"What are you doing?"

"Didn't you feel that? There's a raccoon on the ledge outside the window, probably eating bugs out of the gutter and if I don't get him down, he's going to break the gutters. He's shaking the whole room!"

"Please get out of my face."

He ran to another window, opened it and started screaming, "Hey, get off of there!"

Then he ran downstairs and out the front door to look at the ledge and scare off the offending raccoon.

When he came back to bed, he said, "Didn't you hear it? Didn't you feel it? That raccoon shook the damn room!"

I got up and shook the bedside lamp which was most certainly the noise I heard.

"That's it," he exclaimed, "That's the noise! It must have been an earthquake; hurry, turn on the news."

Sure enough, it was indeed an earthquake. "See, I was right," he said, "See! It was an earthquake."

The TV station was taking calls and one man reported that initially he thought there were aliens landing on his roof.

"Ha ha ha, an alien, it was an earthquake, dummy."
"You thought it was a raccoon, dear."
"I was right, it was an earthquake. This better not show up on the blog. For the record, I thought it was an earthquake."
"Your secret's safe with me."

In knitting news; and there's always knitting news, the UPS guy brought in a hand truck full of boxes yesterday.

One was gigantic and he said, "This one is 69 pounds, it can't be yarn!"

"On the contrary my friend, it is yarn."
"Where are you going to put it all?"
"That, I'm afraid, is Miss Cory's problem."
(The earth shook a little yesterday too and it was Cory groaning from blocks away.)
"Sounds like you have a problem too!"
(Oh, you have no idea.)

Oh, the beautiful yarns I got! You've got to come in and see. One yarn we've all been waiting for came in - Noro Sock yarn!

Here are class pictures of our brioche tams. Pretty spectacular, aren't they? There were some tense moments, but everyone conquered brioche and most of the class finished their magnificent tams.

Here's Kristen's:

Here's Tracy's:

And here's mine:

And Miss Eileen finished her Nantucket! HOORAY!

And last, but not least, here's our latest Great American Aran Afghan Square. Eleven down, nine to go!


Blogger k_purls2 said...

wow, those tams look fantastic. Bravo to Eileen too!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Jenn Sullivan said...

Yay! Eileen! I need cheat sheets for 7 of the last eleven squares *grins sheepishly* I'll come in and talk to you about that though.

7:25 PM  

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