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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'm Incredibly Lucky

to know so many really good knitters. Until now, knitting was a solitary sport and I never got to see anything anyone else was knitting. I went to my local yarn shop, bought yarn and went home and knit - all by myself. Now, I get to see all of the wonderful things the unbelievably talented people I know knit.

Kristen, who we don't think ever sleeps, made this amazing sweater:

It's Eunny Yang's Tangled Yoke sweater and it's made in Rowan's Felted Tweed. I'm particularly jealous of this completed masterpiece because I have it on the needles, but of course, it needs sleeves. Kristen generously let me hang it in the Shop so make sure you see her incredible work the next time you stop by.

Oh, and while you're here, check out Kristen's Juliet made from Venezia Chunky. Alex's hat is pretty spiffy too, don't you think?

Sarah came into the Shop one day right after I got the Spring Vogue a year or so ago. I had seen a most amazing dress in this particular issue and I made Sarah buy the yarn to make it. I really mean it; I made her buy the yarn. It had to be made and it had to be made and worn by Sarah. Her husband Jon and I are very glad she did.

This beautiful dress is made from Cascade's Fixation sock yarn!

Michelle made this lovely Noro number using Silk Garden. It looks so perfect on her that my sister Kay had to make it too! Michelle was kind enough to let me display her jewel at a conference I was speaking at and the crowd went crazy for it! Thank you Michelle; your knitting is amazing.

Patrice made this kimono using Venezia. The pattern is from the Knit Kimono book by Vicki Square. Bravo, Patrice, it looks great!

These two certainly look like trouble, don't they? They're sisters of course and Miss Cory taught Kelly on the left to knit not so long ago. She's wearing her first project from Cory's capelet class made in Malabrigo. Eileen, on the right, has taken a lovely cardigan using Pastaza off the needles, but alas, it is in need of blocking and I think she's stalling...

I had to steal this picture of Theresa's stranded mittens. Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere sure makes a beautiful mitten, doesn't it? Check out those thumbs!

Georgann doesn't sleep either. She told me she was never very good at sports and didn't like gym class much. Well, what she lacks in physical prowess, she sure makes up for in talent. She does it all! Look at her Lizard Ridge afghan! She's got 14 squares done and the class was just a short time ago!

Blocked and beautiful, Georgann came in to show me yesterday and we started fooling around with how they would be put together. Georgann wanted to offset them in black so they would look like stained glass windows and she's going to crochet a border in black 220 around each one and then sew them together. Here's how it's going to look:

Wow, right? Be sure to check out Georgann's double pointed needle cases and sock sacks the next time you're in the Shop. I'm offering the Lizard Ridge afghan class again on August 14.

I wish I could show you more pictures of completed works. Ann came in wearing her Gathered Pullover from the Winter Interweave and I was so bowled over I completely forgot to take a picture! She made it using Dolce and it was magnificent.

The same is true for Tracy's Salt Peanuts by Veronik Avery from the Best of Interweave book. It's beautiful and I'm mad I can't show it to you!

I don't have pictures of Kris's Wicked, Joanne's baby Dale, Kathy's Lacy Kerchief Scarf, Wendy's socks, Deb's Ruffled sweater, Catherine's baby sweater, Beth's Rusted Root, and on and on. So, it is most definitely time for the Second Annual Nana's Talent Show! Watch your EMail and my website for details. September will be a great time for a Talent Show, don't you think?

I will leave you with one final picture. Miss Priss, as you may know, has been on vacation in Massachusetts for 3 long weeks with my grandchildren. Well, I say 3 weeks is too long and since she's not here to defend herself and because I'm mean, here is what Miss Cory looks like when she's doing inventory:

Yup, those are cupcakes on those lovely pants. Tie dye shirt, Malabrigo hat, one green glove, Earth shoes, cupcake pants, and a feather duster - Stacy London, if you're reading this, please come and save my child. She really needs a healthy dose of What Not to Wear!

Come home, Cory, your mother needs you!


Blogger candi said...

Is the pattern for the Lizard Ridge afghan available for sale? I live too far away to make it for classes but would love to make this beautiful blanket.

9:36 AM  
Blogger Tricia said...

It's available for free on We used the pattern with permission from the Designer.

2:45 PM  

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