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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Aubergine Sleeves

Look. Sleeves. Two of them. Finished, finito, terminado, fini.

Okay, OKAY! So they are not for any of these, but they are sleeves, completed sleeves, nonetheless.

Ready? These off the needles, oh so done (whoo hoo), sleeves are for this!

It's the Backstage Tweed Jacket from Interweave Knits, Fall issue. I had this gem here for the Trunk Show and couldn't stop admiring it. As I packed it up to send it back, I made some notes about it and decided choosing my yarn couldn't hurt even if I didn't start it until the sleeves for other sweaters were done.

I put the yarn away for a couple of weeks telling myself I could cast on just as soon as an in-progress sweater had a sleeve or two. Then I made the grave mistake of looking at the pattern. Unlike many sweater patterns, this one actually told you to start with the sleeves! It was destiny! (I know, it doesn't take much destiny for me to start something new, and I know I'm going to take a big dose of grief for it, but I had to do it, I just had to!)

I'm using Debbie Bliss Luxury Tweed for the body and Cascade Venezia for the yoke, plackets and collar. I've put together some other yarns as well in beautiful colorways - stop by and see!

Next week, I'm going to show you pictures of great knitters I know that have finished sweaters, sleeves and all!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I am making the backstage tweed jacket too....
just wondering what mods you are making? i just sort of jumped into it and am making it less bell-shaped (sleeves and body) but aside from that i didnt have anything specific in mind.
do you have suggestions?
thanks so much!!!
or 'archiknit' on ravelry!

11:17 PM  

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