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Friday, February 29, 2008

Holy Hangover!

Like thousands of others, I patiently await this time of year. Not for the start of Spring, although that's very nice, and not for the South Side Irish Parade which is a teenage drunk fest as far as I'm concerned, but for the annual return of PEEPS!

You know PEEPS, right? Those yellow chicks of marshmallowy wonderfulness? Those sticky, better when cured heralds of Spring?

We've been talking about their arrival for a while now and Theresa happened to mention a childhood tradition in her house - PEEP fondue. My brain started to go into sugar convultions at the thought of it; PEEPS dipped in warm, dark chocolate.

And so it was that yesterday was declared PEEP Fondue Day. Clutches of PEEPS began arriving; the result of a big PEEP sale at CVS. They arrived before PEEP Fondue Day so they could, of course, be opened for curing.

An informal poll showed that most people like their PEEPS cured. They have to opened at least a week before consumption to be the perfect hardness.

Getting a fondue pot presented the biggest problem. They were the all the rage wedding gift of the 70s, but to find someone who has one today proved a lot more difficult.

When asked for a fondue pot, here were some of the responses:

"No, but I have an electic fry pan."
"No, but I have a crock pot."
And my favorite, "No, but I have a wok."

Undaunted, I asked Eileen, whose motto is, "If I don't have it or don't know a guy who does, you don't want it."

Sure enough, she had a fondue pot so PEEP Fondue Day was a go.

Here are some pictures and I strongly suggest that if you've never had PEEP fondue, DO IT! You'll pay dearly an hour or so later as you come down from the sugar rush and the next day, the sugar hangover will make you feel like you've been hit by a bus; but heck, PEEPS only come out once a year and it's well worth it.

In knitterly news, Georgeann has become a sock knitting fool since she took my class in December and she's now got a whole collection!

Anne's soon to be felted crochet mittens are spendid, aren't they?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Good Sports and New Yarn!

The Superbowl wasn't the only place for good sports! If you missed the Nana's Superbowl party, you missed a great time of knitting and Karaoke! That's right, Karaoke! While some of you were slogging through the pre-game, pre-pre-pre-game chatter, those of you who joined me and Miss Cory at the Shop were knitting, eating chili and singing Karaoke to our brand new Karaoke machine.

Where else on earth can you go to knit and sing! Sadly, none of our singers will let me post their pictures - they sing like angels, but are terribly camera shy. Our rendition of "I will Survive" was so unbelievable, I think we should take the show on the road. Nana's Knittettes would be a sure hit!

I got two new yarn shipments this week and am having an awful time keeping my hands off it. Interlacements Tiny Toes sock yarn is here and I'm sure you will agree, it's drop-dead gorgeous.

Lots of Malabrigo arrived in worsted, chunky, and lace weight. Check out these colors!

In knitting news, my conscience (aka Theresa) is making me finish the Dale of Norway baby sweater before I cast on for something new which is sage advise, don't you think?

And with only one sleeve to go, that, my friends, will be tomorrow! Yeah!

In Charity news, I received this wonderful thank you from Linda Courts at Little Company of Mary for our first delivery of beautiful, soft boobs. Hooray for boob knitters! Don't forget to join us for another evening of charity knitting on Tuesday, February 26 at 6:30 p.m.