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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bursting with Pride!

The first Great American Aran Afghans are done! We had a finishing party on Sunday and everyone brought in their afghans.

Joan, Barbara and Patrice had sewn theirs together. Patrice even finished her border!

Here they are:This is Patrice's.

This is Joan's.

And, this is Barbara's.

Aren't they magnificent? I wish I could take better pictures because these don't really do these heirlooms justice. They are the prettiest things I've ever seen and the talent that went into them is amazing.

Mary, Joanne, Mary, and I are done with our squares, but we have to put them together and put the border on. There are many others who are well on their way to completion too!

So, now that it's over, my wonderful knitting friends, have been asking, "What's next?"

Barbara suggested another afghan from the Great American series and she said she was particularly curious about the Great North American Afghan. As I'll always bite at a new project, I ordered the book.

Here's a crummy picture of the book cover. I innocently put copies of the book on the table and watched to see what would happen.

Wham! Lots of people are interested and so once again, I will be offering classes in this afghan. We will start in July and again, we will do one square a month.

If you are interested in joining us, stop by the Shop.

Don't forget to enter Nana's Talent Competition! Click here for details.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Drum Roll Please!

I am thrilled to announce that you can now buy Stiletto point Signature needles at Nana's! I tried them recently and I'm hooked. These gorgeous hand polished metal needles have the perfect point for socks and lace or any other project for which you find yourself digging for stitches. Full details can be found here. Stop by and give them a try!

Also announcing...

Nana's Second Talent Competition!

Bring the Nana's project of which you are most proud to the Shop and compete in Nana’s Talent Show. Drop your project at the Shop by Friday, May 1, 2009.

There will be two categories:

Accessories – hats, mittens, purses, scarves, socks, etc.
Garment – sweaters, vests, shawls, ponchos, etc.

And there are three ways to win!

The Accessories Category Winner will win a $50 Nana’s Gift Certificate!

The Garment Category Winner will win a $75 Nana’s Gift Certificate!

Don’t have anything you’d like to enter?
Cast your vote and you are automatically registered to win a $25 gift certificate!

Competition Rules:
  1. All projects must be hand knitted or crocheted with yarn from Nana’s Knitting Shop.
  2. You may submit one project in only one of the two categories by May 1; and, you must plan for your project to be on display at Nana’s for 30 days.
  3. Voting will begin on Saturday, May 2, 2009.
  4. The design does not have to be original!
  5. You must be present to vote and your vote counts! Voters will be be eligible for a separate drawing to win a $25.00 gift certificate.
  6. You may vote only once for one project in each of the two categories.
  7. The votes will be counted and the Winners announced on Saturday, May 30 at 2:00 p.m.
  8. The Voters’ drawing will also be held at that time. To be eligible for the Voters’ drawing, you must be present to win.
  9. Contestants are encouraged to vote, but if you win the Competition, you are not eligible to win the Voters’ drawing. If one of the Winners’ names is drawn, another name will be drawn.
  10. Contestants agree to be photographed with their project for posting on Nana’s Knitting Shop website. All pictures will be taken at Nana’s at the time of entry.
Lots of fun going on! The May Class Schedule has also been posted.