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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Clearance Sale!

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, February 20 and running through Saturday, February 21, we're having a big clearance sale! Take up to 75% off yarn!

I'm chalking my latest knitting frustration up to big sale planning; I'm having an amazing amount of trouble counting to 8.

I'm working on the Santa Fe Wrap I showed you last week. I'm knitting the tie panels which consist of 4 rows and two colors. Row 1: With A, *k8, p8* rep from *. Row 2: With B, knit. Row 3: With B, *p8, k8* rep from *. Row 4: With A, knit. Sounds incredibly simply doesn't it?

Well, apparently my brain is pulling a Roland Burris because I always seem to forget what row I'm on! Every couple of inches, I end up ripping back. Fortunately for me, the fate of a tainted Senate seat doesn't rest on the fact that I keep forgetting what I've already done. And, I can keep changing my row story without publicly looking like a fool (although I do feel rather foolish).

In other knitting news, Elijah the toy elephant, otherwise known as Elijah Minnelli, Elijah Doolittle, and Harry Elephante is progressing nicely. At last night's class, I took pictures of two tiny elephants in progress.

They look like little gourds, don't they?

See you at the Sale and don't forget to check out our March Class Schedule!


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