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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year!

Even though I've been very, very busy mismanaging the biggest uncampaign in the state of Illinois history, I've managed to get quite a few things accomplished over the last month.

I knit Santa a beard.

I made doll sweaters for my two darling granddaughters. I wish I could also take credit for the spectacular skirts, but alas, they were the made by the amazingly talented, Georgann.

I gave Dad the stocking for Christmas...

and he liked it so well, I decided to make him this.

It's the Latvian Vest by Kieran Foley from the latest issue of Dad's going skiing in France tomorrow and I wish it were done. He'd look just grand sitting around the fireplace in this beauty. Since it doesn't have sleeves, I should have it done soon. There will be other ski lodges this winter he can look grand in.

I made this mitten for my knitting class. And no, it doesn't have a mate!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think only Santa's elves were busier than you in December. What beautiful pieces!

3:56 PM  

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