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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do you have your Ravelry?

Have you joined Ravelry yet? It's an online knitting and crocheting community where you can get pattern ideas, see yarn, log all of your projects, completed and in progress, log your stash, and even your needles. You can join groups of like-minded people and best of all you can join our group!

If you sign up at There's a bit of a wait to be "invited" to join, but once you're invited, let me tell you, the fun begins!

If and when you join, be sure to join our group, Nana's Knitting Shop and say hello to Cory and I. Cory's ID is Shopdaughter and I'm Triciaknits.

Be warned - Ravelry can be the biggest time suck you've ever experienced online. You'll easily end up on Ravelry for hours, even days and your family will go hungry, your dust bunnies will accumulate, your significant other will forget what you look like and unless you're incredibly multi-tasking talented, you won't be able to knit!

Miss Cory has been nominated for a Ravelry Bobby Award! The Awards have many categories, but Missy has been nominated for the funniest avatar. What's an avatar you say? Well, it's a little picture you put in as your Ravelry identity.

Here's Cory's avatar for which she was nominated for a Bobby Award:

Apparently, sock yarn confusion has paid off! See you on Ravelry!

Don't stay on Ravelry too long or you'll miss our big Inventory Sale! Yarn, yarn and more yarn is on sale for 15%-40% off! See you on Friday or Saturday, January 11 & 12 for this giant sale event.


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