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Friday, December 14, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Thank you everyone who made an ornament for my tree. I think you'll agree that it looks great! So much creativity!

My dear friend Alex had some crushing news this week. Caution: if there are children reading this, stop now and get away from the computer!

The kids at Alex's school were talking about Christmas this week and several informed my dear friend that there is no Santa Claus, but in fact, Santa Claus is parents!

Alex informed these curmudgens that they would get coal for Christmas for saying such things and adamantly defended Mr. Claus' existence.

When his Mom picked him up from school, he said,

"Mom, are you Santa Claus."
"No, Alex, I'm not."
"Is Dad?"
"No, why do you ask?"
"Well the kids at school told me that parents are Santa Claus."
"Well, we're not Santa Claus."
"Is there a Santa Claus?"
"Ummm, yes there was a Santa Claus a long time ago and his real name was Saint Nicholas and he gave presents to children."
"How long ago, Mom?"
"A long time ago."
"Is he dead now?"
"Well, yes Alex, he is dead now, but the tradition was so nice that people continued to give children presents at Christmas."
"So you signed the note from Santa last year?"
"And you signed the cards from Santa?"
"Oh dear, yes Alex."
"Oh Mom, I feel like such a fool! I told the kids that there is a Santa Claus and now I feel like such a fool!"

So Mom and Alex went to the library and took out books on the tradition of Santa Claus.

Alex went to bed that night with a very heavy heart. About an hour after being tucked in, he came downstairs and said,

"Mom, are you the tooth fairy too?"

In other Holiday news, here's a shot of the Prince and Princess. They make a mean gingerbread house making team, don't they?

Who's your Papa?
May Santa Claus, whoever he is, be good to you, and may you and your families have a wonderful, joyous holiday. Thank you for all you do!


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