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Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I've been stalling on this week's post because it will be my second Mother's Day without my Mother.

Daughters have very interesting relationships with their mothers that seem to change all the time. Being with a community of women all the time, I hear lots of things about lots of mothers.

One theme I hear all the time is the comparison of womens' mothers to birds. Baby bird, hummingbird, hawk, hen, and goose are some examples. And all mothers have little pearls of wisdom, little sayings that give daughters life lessons (or eye rolls) and consistency in a world that's anything but consistent.

Here are few of my dear Mother's:

On dating:
"It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man."

On marriage:
"Nothing makes love go out the window faster than no money."

On manners:
"It takes two seconds and a stamp to write a thank you note."
"No one likes a foul-mouthed woman."

On independence:
"Always have your own money - you never know what might happen."
"Without an education, you won't have your own money."
"Don't depend on anyone for anything. You should always know how to do it yourself."

On buying green bananas:
"At my age, I don't do it. Who knows if I'll be around to eat them."

On shoes:
"Why can't they fit and be good looking?"

On hanging around with elderly people:
"I don't want to. All they talk about is their ailments."

On television:
"Why do all the shows have to have bad language? It's so unnecessary. I like the Hallmark channel."

On troubled kids:
"Oh, all they need is a little TLC and a little self-confidence."

On wishing someone luck:
"Don't take any wooden nickels."

On getting older:
"The only thing I really miss is my car. I hate being dependent on people to drive me around."

On leaving:
"Let me get you something to take with you."
"Wear your seatbelt."

On gossip:
"Never say anything you don't want repeated."
"Don't write anything down."
"Tell it to your pillow."

There are many, many more and oh how I wish she could say one to me now. So, all you daughters out there, give your mother a hug for me. I love you Mom.


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