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Friday, March 09, 2007

For the Love of Poetry

Knitters can do it all, I've discovered. They knit, they work, they inspire, they nurse, they parent, they teach; and...they write poetry! This week's post is Knitting Poetry written by Knitting Poets!

There was a young lady who knit
But nothing she made ever quite fit,
Checking her gauge
Was a bothersome stage,
And too many projects she quit.

She had skeins of yarn galore
But still she bought more,
Stashing it away
In the hopes that one day,
She might open up her own store.

She knit morning and night
With stitches quite tight,
Ripping with ease
Rows that displeased,
Few projects ever saw light.

Knitting for others
Was not one of her druthers,
From the stitches she cast
Her needles clicked fast,
But never to clothe any other.

When this lady grew old
She became a bit more bold,
She knit in colors and lace
And just to save face,
Checked her gauge as so oft she'd been told.

A Knitting Haiku

Interweaving yarn,
A memory of my heart,
From my hands to you.

And another poem...

I knitted a slip over for a friend.
She wore it every day for a month.
Refused to let me wash it for her.
By now it smells of must.

I knitted a sweater for my Mom,
Angora and very soft.
It's too precious, she said,
And put it on the shelf.

Proud of my hard work
I took pictures of all my knits.
Wanted to make prints.
However, my boyfriend misplaced them all.

Creation is my passion.
Yarn is my affection.
Regardless of what happens,
I'd knit it again and again.

And last, but certainly not least...

Are you knit worthy?
Well, let's wait and see
Should my next work be for you
or will it be for me?

Are you knit worthy?
I'm beginning to really wonder
My third attempt with your gift
has tanked and gone asunder

Are you knit worthy?
I just can't face this project anymore
There's only one answer then and
Away to Nana's, a new pattern to explore!


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