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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fringe Frenzy

As I mentioned last week, I'm making a new sweater out of the amazingly beautiful Rowan Calmer. Here's a picture of it.
As you can see, the bottom and the sleeves have a really fun fringe edging. While it looks really fun, it's really unfun to do - k3, fringe 1. Fringe 1 is cast on 6, bind off 6. Over 113 stitches, that's a lot of casting on and casting off. It's 28 fringe per row or casting on and casting off an additional 168 stitches to be exact. Since there are 5 rows of fringe, that's casting on and off an additional 840 stitches. And that's only the back!

Needless to say, I've been a little busy and unfortunately, I have no blog to share this week. I have a back which I'm happy to share here:

I'm doing the fronts together so it's k3, fringe 1, k3, fringe 1, etc., etc., etc. over 120 stitches. Oh my!

I'll be back next week...


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