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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Peanut Gallery Speaks Out Again

The Peanut Gallery has weighed in again this week and I've decided to comment right here on the page in red.

"If I'm not knitting socks, what exactly am I knitting? I have major commitment issues; I have a very hard time sticking to just one project. Currently, I'm working on the following:

The Intarsia Bag in Cascade 220, that Tammi was cheeky enough to remind me of, is on the needles. I knew, when Mom said she would have a class for this bag from Interweave Knits, that I would HAVE to take this class. I also knew I had to be different and choose my own colors. Not only do I have commitment issues, I also have a hard time following directions. Ha! You finally fessed up to it!

My bag, once completed, will be stunning. I have not picked it up since our second class in February. It's not difficult, the chart is fairly easy to follow, especially when the lovely Renee enlarges it. I had to rip a couple of times and I got frustrated. It takes a fair amount of concentration and I don't have time to concentrate lately. Renee, however, came to the shop Tuesday night with her bag ready for felting. She chose different colors as well (black background and bright pink flowers and leaves) and it looks AMAZING. One day, I, too will finish my bag. That's not what Tammi told me today, Missy. Yes, she did squeal on you.

A purple Tiny Top Down sweater for my 4 year old in Tiny Tots, yes, only one sleeve to go. I had the body done in just about a week at Christmas and although I always mean to go back and finish the sleeves....

A second Tiny Top Down for my 2 year old in the opposite colors. Started the beginning of January and haven't picked it up since. These sweaters are easy and quick; ain't it a shame I haven't finished either of them? The yarn was purchased Winter 2006 and was intended to be cute Easter dresses for the girls last year. I hope the yarn isn't discontinued by the time you decide just what it will become.

Argosy Wrap from Knitting in a Happy Camper it's a free pattern and it's beautiful. She has a whole series of argosy patterns that are just so cool. It's a quick, easy, and fun pattern to knit. There is a bit of counting and I apparently need to learn how to count all over again. Again, I ripped a bit and tried to blame the pattern, but it was all me. I chose 4 different colors of Noro Kureyon that don't match in the slightest, but have so far knit up magnificently together. I want this one done now so I can still wear it before the onslaught of the nasty Chicago summers I've grown accustomed to.

The baby Bolero from One Skein done in Rowan Calmer. This is so cute and Calmer ROCKS! I think I messed up the first shoulder, so before I go any further, I need Mom to look at it. And since it was to be a sample for the Shop that you promised to finish...

A hat for my 6 year old. Poor little boy has been asking me for a hat for months (it seems to have slipped his mind that he was the recipient of the second item I ever knit, which happened to be a hat. And that hat still fits). It's a blue hat with a Clone Trooper on it. The hat was knit in less than a day and most of the duplicate stitch added within 4 days, but it's been about a month since I've picked it up. He continues to ask about it and I keep saying "It's almost done, Sagan, almost." Poor thing talks to me about it all the time and all I can say to him is, "I know, dear, I'm so very sorry."

The nice thing about knitting for my children, is that if I start something for the oldest, reagrdless of how long it takes me knit it, it will always fit someone at some point. Ah, but they will be teenagers before you know it - all at once, I might add.

And last but definitely not least, I finally started socks! I chose the Dream in Color and I still couldn't pick a pattern so I took the basic principles from The Book of Patterns and came up with my own "design". I'm just about to turn the heel and am very excited! Thanks to all who commented last week; you inspired me to get busy! Just remember, my darling, you have TWO feet.

Up to this point my knitting obsession has been hats, they are quick to knit, functional, and with a little effort, fashionable. My knit hats have kept my husband's (2 times over since he left the first on the train, grrr), 4 kids, grandfather's, and 2 uncle's heads toasty this winter. Lets hope next season everyone's toes will be toasty too. I know you don't like the math, but that's 18 actual socks including the extra pair for your husband since he'll probably lose his first pair on the train too.

You've got the uncontrollable itch of startitis and are positively apoplectic from finishphobia. Take a deep breath, choose what of the multitude of things you have going you will finish and try to imagine the glee you'll feel from I'mawearingitphoria! Finish something, baby, finish something! Just so you know, I'll be wearing my Nantucket Jacket next week.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

Wow. I thought I was bad with 3 projects on the needles. :)

1:52 PM  

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