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Friday, April 20, 2007

A Bucket on Nantucket

If you're Alex, that means you're five, and the world is a very perfect place as long as you have with you at all times, a flashlight and a bucket. Being the old woman that I am, a flashlight and a bucket are not the primary tools I take with me everywhere I go, but for Alex, they are essential.

How, for example, can you go on vacation and hunt for turtles after dark without a bucket and a flashlight? You certainly can't rely on your hosts to provide them; you must, absolutely must bring your own whether there's room in your luggage or not.

Another thing Alex would never leave home without, if such a thing existed, is a jetpack. Cory, that little troublemaker, once told Alex that she had one and flew around Oak Lawn at night after her kids were in bed. That so intrigued Alex that his mother Kristen, gave me one of those motherly looks, that said, "Help me out here; Cory's your kid and she's got Alex so worked up about a jetpack that no bucket in the world will appease him."

And unlike every other killjoy who loves raining on a bucketless person's parade, I had the unfortunate task of telling Alex, ever so delicately, that my only child was a liar. Why do mothers always get the ugly jobs? I wished at that moment that I had a bucket as I tried to bail her out without spoiling his innocence forever.

I've had the privilege of knowing Alex because his mother is a wonderful knitter. Self-taught not so very long ago, Kristen recently finished her first sweater and is now also wearing her very own Nantucket Jacket. You need a bucket when you visit Nantucket, but when you make a Nantucket, you need needles and determination.

About a month into our Nantucket Jacket Knit Along, I casually mentioned to Kristen that I hoped to wear my jacket to the next get together. Kristen took that innocent little comment as a challenge and we were off to the races. We endured a little name calling and snickers from others in the group, but it was really fun turning the Knit Along into the Knitathon.

Finish we did; not exactly by the next meeting, but one meeting later and at the same time. Here we are! The darling little one is Alex sans bucket and flashlight.

Hmmm, maybe we should pair Kristen up with Cory! As we've seen Miss Cory could use a little push and Kristen's just the one to give it to her.


Anonymous sarah b. said...

When I read the title of this blog entry, I thought I was in for a treat in the form of a dirty limerick. I was not too terribly disappointed, however, because I was rewarded with the visual of Cory rocketing around in the night sky, like Samantha in the opening credits of "Bewitched."

8:18 AM  

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