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Friday, October 20, 2006

Open Knitting Unplugged

Thursdays from 1:00-3:00 is Open Knitting here at Nana's and yesterday was official Poncho day. Therese and Mae finished their ponchos and we all convinced them that they had to wear them to Open Knitting yesterday. And wear them they did! Don't they look terrific?

Chris and Tammi came in wearing their newly completed shawls so the furniture got pushed out of the way for this great group shot. Chris was the only one with earrings on for this picture so Tammi, Mae and Therese were mad. I, for one, can't see Chris' earrings so in the end, I don't think it mattered. After all it was shawl and poncho show-off time, not earring show-off time.

And so Open Knitting began. Eleanor, Eileen, Deloris, and Beth came in to join the fun and I decided to take notes of all of the funny conversations that ensued. Not much knitting got done, I can tell you that. I'm going to keep these snippets anonymous to protect the guilty...

On seeing a sweater in a magazine, "Oh, that's a beautiful sweater, I would make that. I hate the hood, don't you? Hoods make me look like one of the seven dwarves - hi ho, hi ho."

On a hat in the same magazine, "Oh, this hat looks just like you; you should make it."

"Look at my needles, I am making that hat."

"Wow, that's cosmic, isn't it?"

The first verse of "The Age of Aquarius" rang out. It's amazing how many people remember all of the words.

"I made a mistake, can you please fix it?"

"Absolutely, I'll show you how. You know, if you teach someone to fish..."

"I don't have time to learn to fish. Can't you just feed me today?"

"I hate the way the ribbing on my mitten looks."

"Oh, just add some beads."

"I think your mitten looks great."

"Ha, she's smitten with your mitten."

"You're poking yourself with your double points; that's gonna leave a mark."

"I'm so sick of sewing sleeves, I could scream. Monkey arms, monkey arms."

"Just set them in, don't sew them. They'd be arm chaps."

"When you're weaving in ends, do you mock the stitches or just whip-stitch them?"

"I mock the stitches - 'you stupid, stupid stitches, if you were live, I'd...'"

"What class do you have tonight?"

"Cocoon lace scarf."

"I liked that class, but I hate knitting lace. Lace is not for sissies."

"Did you like the history of lace I began the class with?"

"Yeah, it was okay; you only gave us lip service for a few minutes."

"I need a giant pom pom, but I have to go home and make soup."

"What kind of soup?"


"That comes in a can now, you know."

"I need a giant pom pom."

"Therese and Mae's ponchos were great, weren't they?"

"Voulez-vous boucle?"

"Asking for a grande coffee at Starbuck's really ticks me off so I always ask for a medium."

"Vente means twenty for twenty ounces. Why is the small called a tall and the medium a grande? If vente means twenty, why don't they use the ounces of the others as their names?"

"Yeah, that tall should be called a small."

"Gee, I'd like to be called tall."

"Okay, we'll call you tall from now on."

"I need a giant pom pom."

"Oh, just add some beads."


Blogger the one-skein wonder said...

Like we don't know who was kvetching about the sleeves.
Sorry I missed this one... wait, no I'm not. You'd just mock my sloppy handwriting and narrow torso. Bah! Back to Norweigia with you!

6:14 PM  

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