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Friday, October 06, 2006

"She doesn't think she's such a much...yet"

Renee, who I see far too infrequently, came to the Shop this week for a skein of yarn. Just one skein of yarn, to make of all funny things, a tea cozy. Renee usually has much grander things on her needles, but on this occasion, she wanted just one skein of yarn and her restraint was commendable.

As it turns out, Renee's daughter started college this year at the Chicago College of Performing Arts and according to both lay people and professionals, she is very talented indeed.

As Renee and I discussed her daughter's talent and the huge financial burden of college, Renee said, "She's extremely bright, talented; and, she doesn't think she's such a much."

Such a much! I just adore quirky little expressions and "such a much" is no exception.

"You such a much, I bet you think this song is about you, don't you?"
"Don't be such a much with me, Missy."
"You're such a much; you fix it!"

My mother had a loads of these little pearls.
If the butter was going rancid, "the butter has a tack."
If there was a difference of opinion, "you to your fancy, me to my Nancy."
If we were peevish and whiney, "oh, scratch your mad place and get over it."
If we were talking badly about someone, "tell it to your pillow."

So while this talented little girl is not such a much, her mother is knitting tea cozies. When she IS such a much, however, I expect that Renee will be knitting cashmere coats. Be such a much and please, be such a much as soon as possible!


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