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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tammy, Tammy,Tammy's in love!

She spells it Tammi, but she was named for Tammy of movie and song fame. Debbie Reynolds or Sandra Dee, I'm not sure, but I like to think it was for Debbie Reynolds because the sequels with Sandra Dee pretty much killed Sandra's career. Apparently, Debbie was too tough an act to follow and I'll bet Elizabeth Taylor would agree! Ugh! Eddie Fisher was icky, wasn't he?

I taught Tammi to knit some time ago and she's taken to it like Debbie Reynolds to singing in the rain. Even her mother is impressed, who told me, "Tammi never sticks with anything."

Tammi has stuck with it and is becoming a very good knitter and Tammi's in love! I met the apple of Tammi's eye Friday at last - the darling Emma, the daughter of Tammi's friend. Tammi brought Emma in to try on the adorable Sprinkles cape seen here. Emma is eight months old so the Shop sample of the cape didn't fit her and frankly, she didn't care! Just as soon as Tammi sat down with Emma, she fell fast asleep. Emma had had a very busy day and Sprinkles capes were simply not on her agenda.


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