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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

"Did you know you've been knitting longer than...

I've been alive?" so said the sassy Abby on Saturday. My jaw dropped, but only a little because of course I know I've been knitting longer than she's been alive. At 26, Abby is just a baby. I glanced at Barbara, her mother.

It's funny how mothers can communicate with each other without saying a word. My look said, "Doesn't this girl need a spanking?" Barbara's look back at me said, "Oh no, it won't do any good; she's been this fresh her whole life."

Abby went on to say, "You've got your notions in a plastic baggie. You own a knit shop and you've got your notions in a plastic baggie!"

I said, "I'm like the shoemaker whose children have no shoes. I've had my knitting case, which doesn't hold notions since..."

Oh boy, here we go again. My knitting case is at least 10 years older than Abby. While Abby was still toddling around, I was knitting those hideous 80s sweaters previously mentioned on this blog.

Then the backpedaling started. Abby said, "What I meant is that since you've been knitting longer than I've been alive, you know much more than I do and you can teach me things."

If that's true, it won't be true for very long. Abby is a terrific knitter and when she's taken a class with me, she's the star pupil. She gets it immediately and she's off and running. A certain someone, who's taken a class with Abby, was very impressed with Abby's ability to pick up new things. She was jealous of Abby, of course, but tried to be a good sport after I had a good talking with her. Karen, I mean this certain someone, got it after a time too and she hasn't been knitting as long as Abby.

Abby is in the top five of the best English knitters I've ever known. She's far more skilled than I was at her age and will outdo me. Next up for Abby is Fair Isle and steeking and she's making this Dale of Norway.

So for now, I'll revel in my knowledge short lived as I know it is. One thing's for sure, however, I will always knit faster than Abby.

Abby rocks!


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