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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

TIVO Brain

Do you have TIVO? TIVO is that great little device you connect to your TV that allows you to record shows, record whole seasons of shows in fact that you can play, rewind, fast forward or stop. This wonderous little device also allows you to rewind live shows as you watch them and then slow or fast forward them again. Each night, through the miracle of technology, the schedules for all shows are downloaded so you get the most up to the minute calendar of what's upcoming on the Boob Tube.

I knit at home laying on my couch while watching TV. Propping charts and directions on my knees gets a little precarious, but I manage. And, thanks to the ingenuity of TIVO, I can rewind what I'm watching when my chart falls off my knees or when I have to unexpectedly rip. It's especially useful when I have to count as I can stop the action, count away and resume at the press of a button without missing a scene!

As great as this is, it's done unexpected things to my usually alert little brain. I now find that throughout the day, I try to rewind my life.

I try to rewind the radio on the drive in when I'm lost in thought and something the newscaster says catches my attention.

My brain thinks I can rewind conversations that I realize I wasn't paying attention to - like when my dear husband is talking about the icing point of a motor and unexpectedly asks for an opinion.

"Focus!" my left brain screams to my right, "Focus!" I've always been a great multitasker and TIVO brain is undermining me, or maybe, just maybe, I'm getting old. Ouch.

Speaking of focus...

the Origata pillow for class tonight is finished! Okay, so there's a couple of ends to weave in. Steeking it was very fun - cut right up the back. The construction of this little number is ingenious, but holy finishing work!

The band on Dad's vest is 4 rows from being done and it's magnificent. I'm sad to say that it won't be complete for Dad's birthday on the 15th, but it's definitely, definitely going to fit! That Ann Feitelson is a color genius. If you look really closely you may be able to see that the band is made up of all 10 of the colors! These colors are so close that on the advise of a dear friend, I made up that little color card you see in the photo. What a Godsend that was for my poor addled TIVO brain.


Blogger k_purls2 said...

wow, it's beautiful, I love the colors on Dad's vest. I like the pillow too.

Did you ever watch Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm? You know Larry and his wife broke up over a TiVo incident. It was hilarious.

5:56 PM  

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