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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another Peanut in the Gallery

My dear friend, Neellie wrote this week's blog in response to my Sports themed blog last week. The floor is all yours, Neellie dear.

Did you ever try to choose between two patterns that you really like and end up buying the material for both? Sometimes in life you have the luxury of not having to choose.

I have had the good fortune to be mentored in both golf and knitting by people passionate and patient enough to share their favorite hobby. However, learning both as an adult I discovered that muscle memory is something best learned as a child or young adult. With encouragement, persistence and lessons, I will prevail and become even more independent.

Just think about it. Both golf and knitting can be learned by children and pursued well into our senior years. We can perform alone or in a group, make friends along the way, participate in charity events, and know that my fulltime job interferes with my pursuit of either. Yet, I’m not good enough at either to pursue it as a profession.

There’s no competition and my practice and repetition only better my skills. There’s the opportunity to strive for excellence: a mulligan in golf and of course, ripping in knitting allow me to try to attain perfection. Really, is knitting a row repeatedly so different than practicing before a round at the driving range? Practice, practice, practice…the mantra of a good golfer and a good knitter. Whether it’s when I finally hit that really awesome drive off the tee or have that “aha!” moment conquering a difficult pattern, I have that same level of excitement. Both can set off that “tuning fork in my loins” (Tin Cup) and keep me coming back for more. Not to mention, I can either wear a really cute ensemble on the links or create one of my own color and texture.

Golf and knitting can both be done at home or on vacation. There’s no limit to the miles we will drive to go to a “really awesome” knit shop or that golf course “you have to play”. Consider setting the alarm clock to pursue either of these activities. My early morning rounds of golf played with dew still on the course can set the tone for my whole day. Who hasn’t gotten up early in order to finish that gift made for a special occasion or to sneak in just a few more rows before work? In addition, both allow me to spend more time with my husband. We actually golf together on occasion and knitting allows me to tolerate his choice of entertainment on television.

Knitting and golfing both span age, economic, race, gender and skill levels. It can be mind numbing to choose a book, magazine or accessory. Each has their own extensive vocabulary and should come with a warning that performance is impaired when combined with alcohol, and may be addictive. But either way you look at it, I’m happy being a chick with sticks.


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