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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Call the Trib!

Judy is finally, finally going to learn to knit! She's registered for class; there are no more excuses, no more wavering, no more faltering. It's official and Judy is going to learn how to knit.

You know Judy from these pages as Nancy's very funny sister. Now, Nancy has the biggest and the best stash of anyone I've ever known. I own a yarn shop and I would venture to say the Nancy's stash is better than mine. I always thought that would be enough to get Judy to knit - there's no better stash on the planet to steal from. But no....

Judy has a darling 2 year old granddaughter. I always thought that would be enough to get Judy to knit - there are so many darling knitting patterns for baby girls. But no...

If you've ever come to one of my parties, you've met Judy. She loves my parties. I've been threatening her lately, telling her that only knitters are allowed at my parties (Steves aside), and if she didn't start knitting, she would no longer be invited. I really thought that would be enough to get Judy to knit. But no...

So you ask, what earth shattering thing has happened to finally compel Miss Judy to knit?

Dog blankets. That's right, dog blankets. Dog blankets to be donated to dog shelters and rescue centers. Isn't that something?

I would learn to knit to steal my sister's stash; I would learn to knit to continue being on the party A-List; I would even learn to knit to make my granddaughter beautiful things (particularly since she's way too young to find design flaws), but I can honestly say that it would never occur to me to learn to knit so I could make donation dog blankets.

But it has most definitely inspired our Judy. She and Nancy have two Irish Setters that were rescued from a truly horrifying past and they are the kings of the castle, the masters of their domain; and, they rule Judy and Nancy's lives with iron paws.

Judy is passionate about helping the poor orphaned and abandoned dogs and while Nancy tells me Judy is unteachable; knitting is all about passion and purpose and Judy's devotion to dogs is all of that. Here's to you, Judy!

Nana's Knitting Shop is sponsoring a Donation Knitting Night on the 4th Tuesday of every month beginning on January 31 from 6:30-8:30. In addition to knitting for the Adopt-A-Native Elder Program, we will knit for the Hugs for Homeless Animals Project in support of Judy. This charity knits "snuggles" (small blankets) for animal shelters and is another charity noted in Knitting For Peace for which Nana's Knitting Shop is a designated drop off location.

For more information on the Hugs for Homeless Animals Project, click here. Stop by the Shop to take a look at the Knitting for Peace by Betty Christiansen. This great reference identifies lots of worthy charities for which to knit.

Judy, you will knit and if you decide to knit other things later on, I'll give you the skinny on your sister's stash and tell you exactly what to steal.


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