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Friday, January 19, 2007

Just as Proud as I can be!

The original title of this post was "Just Who is Dale of Norway Anyway?" If you asked my fearless Fair Isle friends, they'd tell you that he/she is a direct decendent of the Marquis de Sade. But alas, Dale of Norway isn't a person at all, but a town. So it looks like there's no actual living being to blame for the brain pain these beautiful sweater patterns are causing.

Four of these ferocious Fair Islers are making this little lovely. To steek or not to steek, that was one question. After miles of ever so easy stockinette stitch, how hard could 4 or so inches of Fair Isle be?

Well, the charts go on forever and figuring out the order is a real test. Add the sleeves to the mix and there could be tears. Clarifying instructions and correcting several pattern errors required lots of documentation. There's hundreds and hundreds of stitches so ripping was completely unadvisable although in one case, unavoidable.

I decided to be different and do another sweater,
pictured on the left. Sheila decided to be different too and she is knitting this beauty on the right.

I've got 4 inches of the body left which I seem to be avoiding like the plague. But I must be done by February 21 which is steek night! After all, who in the right mind would let me cut their new sweater? I must cut my own and so it will be done! I'm putting down the socks right now. The Forbes Forest scarf on my needles will just have to wait for a while.

So why did I change the name of this post to "Just as proud as I can be?"

Kim finished her Dale of Norway Fair Isle sweater! She decided long ago not to steek, but to make the pullover version. And she's done! She brought it to the Shop this morning and tried it on for me. She still has to block it, but all ends are woven in and all finishing is complete. It is done, done, done. And, it is absolutely beautiful. I'm just as proud as I can be!


Blogger the one-skein wonder said...

Lord, but I want to knit a dale now! hey...NEW COMIC IS UP!!

9:08 PM  

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