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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good News and the Very Bad News

First the good news...Christmas knitting is done, finito, finished, kaput.

Here's Tracy's vest all blocked and beautiful and ready to give to Dad. Pattern: Hillhead Slipover, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting. Yarn: Jamieson's Spindrift.

Here's mine. It's done, it's done!

Kristen has been busy making these darling ornaments as gifts.

Paula finished this sweater for her daughter. Pattern: Roxana Jacket, Simply Shetland 5. Yarn: Cascade 220.

And, Tammi made this lovely pillow for her Mom. Pattern: Cabled Pillow, Knitted Gifts. Yarn: Cascade 128.

Molly is finishing up these beautiful scarves for her family. Pattern: Trails Scarf, Natural Landscape Terra Collection. Yarn: Tahki Montana.

And there are so many others knitting gifts; I wish I had pictures of them all!

Now for the very bad news. Mr. Ben has been kidnapped. I came into the Shop this morning and found this.

The note says, "I'm tired of sitting around so I'm going on a trip! See you soon! Ben."

Now, I know the note says Mr. Ben went on a trip of his own volition, but unfortunately for the culprit who took Mr. Ben, the jig is up. Mr. Ben can't write. Unlike real monkeys, Mr. Ben doesn't have thumbs so he can't write a word. Plus, since I've taught him everything he knows (including his sassy attitude), I know he can't write. Anyone who thinks I would teach a sassy monkey how to write is crazy.

The table is set for Christmas and this little one reserved a very special place for Mr. Ben. She's all decked out in her Christmas best and you can see from the picture on the right how much she loves Mr. Ben.

Up until today, I had a long Christmas wish list. Now, all I want for Christmas is the safe return of Mr. Ben. We love you and miss you, Mr. Ben. Come back to us soon. Hopefully, your kidnapper will return you in a brand new, stylish, hand knitted outfit in time for Christmas dinner.

Speaking of Christmas dinner...we'll be open regular hours except on the following days:

Thursday, December 24 - 10:00-4:00.
Friday, December 25 - Closed.

Thursday, December 31 - 10:00-4:00.
Friday, January 1 - Closed.
Saturday, January 2 - Closed for Inventory.
Sunday, January 3 - Closed for Inventory.

Wishing you and your families a safe and joyous Christmas. Sadly, there's one darling little girl whose Christmas will not be joyous unless a very special someone comes home wearing a brand new, hand knitted outfit!


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